Your Herbal Consultation

Vickie Placzek-Prettejohn is a qualified practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine, certified by the National Herbalists Association of Australia, with an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine.

Holistic health care recognises the interconnection between body, mind, emotions, social factors, environment and life style in determining the status of an individual's health.

As a natural health practitioner, Vickie works in partnership with each client, taking into account the totality of the individual and empowering them to control their own level of wellness.

Optimum wellness is possible for everyone - although its definition will differ from person to person.

Each one of us is truly unique, and our body requirements, to enable movement towards health and well being, are as unique as we are.

A Short Investigative Consultation:

Discover how Herbal Medicine can be relevant to you and your health situation via a free ten to fifteen minute interview by phone, or email.

There is no obligation for follow up, however a complete holistic assessment and evaluation is required prior to any treatment.

The Initial Full Consultation:

During the initial full herbal consultation, a comprehensive client health history is taken, including details of current concerns, medications and supplements used, work, family, diet and lifestyle factors - thereby enabling establishment of the individual's total health picture.

The chemical and energetic properties of herbs are then employed to support, stimulate and regulate or adjust body system functions, Moving the whole toward a state of balance and assisting the body to do what it is naturally designed to do - be healthy.

Liquid Herbal Remedies are an Infinitely Flexible Medium for Treatment:

Liquid herbal remedies are formulated to specifically suit the individual and are mixed at the time of consultaion.

As the person's body rebalances, and underlying causes of outward symptoms heal, the herbal remedy is able to be adjusted to suit altered requirements, thereby efficiently continuing the journey healthward.

Follow up consultations are used to determine progress and adjust herbal formulations where needed.

In most instances after an initial period of treatment, diet and lifestyle modification by the individual client will effectively support and encourage their future improved wellbeing. Where on-going immune support or other body function/balance issues need to be addressed, these may be regulated via a small daily dose of liquid herbal remedy, in conjunction with diet and lifestyle factors.